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Events in 2013

We played lots of gigs in 2013.

St Richard's Hospice in Worcester

Offmoor Farm Care Home in Kidderminster


Offmoor Farm Care Home in Kidderminster for 3 significant birthdays


St Richard's Hospice in Worcester

The More the Merrier Club in Belbroughton

Hopwood Court Care Home near Solihull


Offmoor Farm in Kidderminster


Rashwood Care Home in Droitwich

Hand of Friendship in Fairfield

Age Concern in Stourbridge


The Big Lunch in Worcester

Have had a thoroughly delightful day at the Big Lunch today: lovely weather, delicious food and good company.  Thanks to your moral support and to your singing & playing today.  The collection after Songs of Praise was an amazing £87.20 - and the Church also gave me a cheque for £60.00!   I am thrilled and touched by everyone's kindness.   
I was impressed at how much all the children joined in with what I had wondered might be old-fashioned songs to them.  And a lady in the audience (who enjoyed our music herself!) said how much a young handicapped girl whom she had brought with her enjoyed our playing.  Apparently, she (the young girl) was in her element - something that didn't often happen. Warm reagards, Sue.


Offmoor Farm Care Home in Kidderminster

St George's Social Club - Retired Sailors - Kidderminster


Nostalgic Classic Car Show in Shelsey Walsh

Hi Susa,  We just got a big "Thank You " from Shelsley Walsh.  They say we had  the best response from the Shelsley crowd of all the 3 acts. They liked our "music selection "and our "fun" approach to the Gig .
And so as we sang on Sunday.  "Well Goodbye Shelsley Walsh , Goodbye heart
                                               Sweet Shelsley Walsh I'm so in love with you
                                               I thought Shelsley Walsh,we'd never part
                                              So Goodbye Shelsley Walsh,and goodbye heart"
 Thanks to Graham for  making the Gig such Fun.


Care home in Walsall for a 99th birthday

Hagley Help Line Cream Tea in Hagley

One old chap said to Gill that he lived alone and that he so enjoyed yesterday that he felt "uplifted" !  Sandy Forrest's been singing our praises since he heard us at the cream tea event!


Guitar Show in Stourport

Offmoor Farm Care Home in Kidderminster

Westley Court Nursing Home near Kidderminster


Hartlebury Castle

Age Concern in Stourbridge

Mary Steven's Hospice in Stourbridge


St Andrew's Hotel in Droitwich


Hopwood Court Care Home in Solihull

More the Merrier Club in Belbroughton

Rashwood Care Home in Droitwich

St Saviour's Court in Hagley

Hartlebury Castle

Offmoor Farm Care Home in Kidderminster

Hand of Friendship in Hagley

Age Concern in Stourbridge


We received donations from most of these gigs and were able, after playing the drivers' expenses to give £344.20 to charity.
Many thanks again for the donation of £100 that SUSA made to MNDA before Christmas - much appreciated as is the support that we get from you as a group of people.



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